Creating A Safer Tomorrow For Our Children
Creating A Safer Tomorrow For Our Children


Child ID Program Information and Guidelines

When reserving your equipment please furnish an estimate of the number of children to be identified so that adequate supplies may accompany kits (How many hours you plan for the event).

The Grand Lodge Child Identification Committee will furnish upon request; flyers/brochures, CD’s, CD envelopes, packet envelopes and questionnaires/permission sheets.

The Lodge hosting the event will make all arrangements to receive and return the equipment and supplies from his Child Identification Committee representative.

  • The Lodge will sign for all equipment and acknowledge that it is in proper repair and in good working order.
  • Equipment must be returned in the same condition as received.
  • Any damage due to improper packaging, shipping, handling, neglect or otherwise will be the responsibility of the Lodge. Any cost incurred to correct said damage will be invoiced to the Lodge.
  • We are limited to twenty (20) ID kits for the entire state at this time, so we ask that you handle the equipment with great care.
  • When opening the equipment cases please, take a moment to observe how the various components are packaged, so that you may be able to repackage and secure all items properly.

All equipment will be returned to the GL Child Identification Committee within 48 hours after the conclusion of the event.

Non-masons may operate the equipment but Lodge supervision must be present at all times.

Volunteers: We suggest a minimum of 3 people for each kit in use. One (1) operator or typist, one (1) to operate the fingerprint scanner and microphone (to ask the child or person being identified questions at the proper time) and one (1) to assist in filling out the information form, envelopes and CD. Additional volunteers can be employed to greet people, pass out pamphlets and direct children to vacant stations or next available.

We suggest that all Masons participating wear some article of clothing or hat with the Lodge name or Masonic emblem identifying themselves as a member of the Fraternity.

A banner or placard with the Lodge name and number is recommended for each event.

Please remember when scheduling outdoor or remote events that 110 volt electric power will be required for each kit.

For Scheduling and information please contact one of the Child ID Committee Members as listed on the Grand Lodge Website.