Creating A Safer Tomorrow For Our Children
Creating A Safer Tomorrow For Our Children

ID Program

The Grand Lodge of Alabama Child Identification Program is one of the most comprehensive Child Recovery, Identification, and Abduction Awareness programs offered to parents in Alabama.

The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Alabama is making a pledge to help protect our youth and keep their futures bright.Through the Alabama Child Identification program, our mission is to provide parents with the knowledge and tools to ensure their children’s safety, while raising public awareness about the risk of abduction or exploitation faced by our children in today’s society.

The Facts:

Since 2004, Freemasons throughout the United States have sponsored Child Identification Program events in order to educate parents and promote child safety.

The Program:

The Child Identification Program provides a valuable tool for the parents or guardians on a CD that includes:

  • Full color digital photographs utilizing an array of poses: These are invaluable to the police and media in the case of abduction and for use in the Amber Alert Program.
  • A complete set of digital fingerprints: Everyone’s fingerprints are unique and are utilized regularly for recovery, investigation and identification.
  • Information about the child including: Facial features and other distinguishing traits such as hair and eye color, scars, etc. The disk will also contain contact information for parents or guardians.

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