Creating A Safer Tomorrow For Our Children
Creating A Safer Tomorrow For Our Children

Event Materials

Child ID Event Materials

We have put together a number of informational sheets and materials not only for promoting the Child ID Program but also to help our volunteers have a well planned and successful Child ID event. To download these materials, simply click on the links and save the files.

Materials for the ID events include:

Flyers, which can be distributed at any time. These are a means of getting the word out and informing the public about what we do, what to expect at an ID event and the benefits of the Child ID program. It also contains information for parents/guardians about what to do in case of an emergency and provides contact information for other programs focusing on child safety.

Permission forms, which should be given to schools at least 1 week before a scheduled event so that they will have plenty of time to make copies and distribute them to students, who will then give them to a parent/guardian to fill out. The permission forms MUST be filled out and signed by a parent/guardian, otherwise we cannot ID the child.

Identification Packet Envelopes, which will be filled out by volunteers as each child is being identified and will hold the information sheet printed out by the ID unit and the Data CD that was made. Packets should be given to the school administration or teachers if the event is being held at a school. If a parent or guardian is present at the time, the packet may be given directly to the parent/guardian.

CD Envelope, which will be filled out by the volunteers as each child is being identified. It is strictly for the Data CD and should be put into the ID packet at completion of each individual ID session.

Guidelines, which layout necessary information for hosting events, timelines for requesting events and what is required to run a successful event must be read before ever requesting an ID event. It is imperative that anyone involved with an event review these as they contain detailed information about the availability of kits, use of kits, volunteers, and the responsibilities and liabilities assumed by those running the events.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the Child ID Program or hosting/running an event please contact us using our contact form or email us at